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Blissfully Insane

The meandering ponderings of Tensen.

23 February 1971
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Neal Levin
RPG Designer for Dark Quest Games
Author of short stories and novels.
President of the Garden State Horror Writers (www.gshw.net)
Editor for the GSHW's Graveline newsletter (www.gshw.net)
former Editor-In-Chief ADF Publishing (www.adf.org)
Acquisitions Editor for Dark Quest Books (www.darkquestbooks.com)
Advertising Director for Space & Time Magazine (www.spaceandtimemagazine.com)
SFWA Member (www.sfwa.org)
HWA Member (www.horror.org)
ad&d, adf, adventure, anime, archery, archetypes, b-movies, board games, book production, books, brigid, cats, celtic, celtic music, celtic myth, celtic reconstructionism, celts, charles de lint, cheese, comparative mythology, computers, cthulhu mythos, d&d, d20, druid, druidism, druidry, dungeons and dragons, epic fantasy, epona, fairy tales, fantasy, fantasy books, fencing, fiction, fiction writing, firefly, folklore, forever knight, game design, gaming, garden state horror writers, goddess, greenman, high fantasy, history, i-con, joss whedon, legends, librarians, libraries, loki, longbows, loreena mckennitt, medieval history, medieval music, medieval re-enactment, mercedes lackey, movies, mysticism, myth, mythology, nanowrimo, neo-paganism, new jersey, new weird, norse mythology, novel writing, novels, pagan, paganism, paranormal, paranormal fiction, pirates, polytheism, publishing, puzzle pirates, rapiers, reading, reiki, ren faires, renaissance faires, renfaires, rennaisance history, rennaisance music, role playing games, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpg design, rpgs, sca, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, sf/f, shamanism, shamans, sherlock holmes, speculative fiction, steam punk, steampunk, sushi, sword & sorcery, sword and sorcery, swords, swords and sorcery, theology, urban fantasy, urban paganism, weird fiction, wicca, william gibson, wolves, writers, writing, writing group, writing novels, writing theory, Ár ndraíocht féin