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GSHW Meeting

You know, I never update this blog in a timely manner.

This past weekend at the Garden State Horror Writers meeting we had Lawrence C. Connolly talk about building tension in a novel. This was an awesome talk, in that he alternated describing things with examples from other authors as well as readings from his own newly release book, Veins. I really wished that GSHW had finally come up with a plan to do recording of the sessions, because I found that I spent time writing down trying to capture the particular words he used to describe things, and then missing the next thing he said.

More information about Mr. Connolly and his book at Veins The Novel

Tina got a copy of the novel signed and picked up another of Fantasist Entertainment's books. She picked up Sails & Sorcery (which has been on our wish list for a while. It has a story by GSHW Member, Danielle MacPhail.)

I was also very happy that W.H. Horner, the owner and editor for Fantasist Ent showed up. Will seems to be a great person, and while I've been looking forward to the books from his company, I hadn't seen any before.

I had Lawrence sign a copy of Bash Down the Door and Slice Down the Bad Guy, which I had been thinking about since Jim Hines mentioned his story in it. (I read the first 6 stories in the anthology between the time I left the diner and the time Tina was ready to leave the critique group.) These are the style of stories I love, love, love. I'm hoping that they do more books in this anthology style.

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