October 19th, 2011


Phone Research

So its time again to upgrade our phones. I'm still mostly a dumb phone users. With my current phone all I do is make Calls, text, and use the EZ Tip calculator. My wife however wants more out of her phone. (Actually I only started using texts because she wanted texting for a phone.)

That leaves the problem of figuring out what model to upgrade to.

A real keyboard is probably a necessity. And as I learned with my current phone. Most touch screens don't function well with me.

I'm probably looking at an Android... not an Iphone, since I've never actually owned an Apple product in my life. (My music player is a Sansa Fuze, although my car has an Ipod jack.) I'm sure I'll use some of the neat apps if I have them accessible. (Like Hopstop would make things so much easier when traveling in NYC.)