Long Con Weekend

Back from Balticon, but this day back at work is really dragging. There is nothing I want to do more than just go home and go to sleep for the night. The allergies/con curd isn't helping either.

One thing I noted this weekend is that when there are conventions back to back, people are bringing their con crud to the next event. And people are coming down with it in the middle of con, instead of after it. That really sucks.


It is official that I know filled out the paperwork for Lunacon.

This means I'll officially be at:

I'm hoping to do a few more book festivals and library events through the year as well.

Next year maybe more, but it is hard finding enough conventions that don't cost me an arm and a leg to travel to (plus hotel bills.) And with more and more events not covering the fees for a spouse to join you, it really costs money to go out an work these things. Not fun.

Phone Research

So its time again to upgrade our phones. I'm still mostly a dumb phone users. With my current phone all I do is make Calls, text, and use the EZ Tip calculator. My wife however wants more out of her phone. (Actually I only started using texts because she wanted texting for a phone.)

That leaves the problem of figuring out what model to upgrade to.

A real keyboard is probably a necessity. And as I learned with my current phone. Most touch screens don't function well with me.

I'm probably looking at an Android... not an Iphone, since I've never actually owned an Apple product in my life. (My music player is a Sansa Fuze, although my car has an Ipod jack.) I'm sure I'll use some of the neat apps if I have them accessible. (Like Hopstop would make things so much easier when traveling in NYC.)

Kindle versions and pricing

New versions of kindle. And the Kindle Touch starting at $99 and the Kindle ad-based version starting at $79 I imagine the readers of ebooks are going to keep growing. Not to mention with a Kindle color version at just under $200 I can see the early adopters that were waiting for this to start unloading their old readers.


I've fallen behind and haven't kept up with my event schedule lately.
Considering last weekend I was at the Ocean County Library book fair in Toms River and my relatives in Toms River complained that I didn't even mention it to them. *sigh*

that and Dark Quest was over at the Baltimore Book Fair.

Oct 1 - Collingswood Book Fair (Collingswood, NJ)
Oct 14-16 Capclave (Dark Quest will be there. But I can't make it.)
Oct 21-23 Asbury Park Zombie Walk (Asbury Park, NJ) (Dark Quest will be sharing a booth with Space & Time Magazine)
Nov 5th - Jackson Book Fair (Jackson, NJ) (also Dark Quest)
Nov 18-19 - Philcon (Cherry Hill, NJ)
Nov 25-27 - DarkoverCon (Baltimore) (Dark Quest)

The Fades

I got a chance to watch the first episode of this new BBC series last night.

I don't think I've gotten as much chills from watching a TV series since some of the best X-Files episodes. Various scenes were just creepy. I loved it.

Weird, creepy, metaphysical... all good things.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. I hope it is scheduled for a long series.
Dark Quest

In Just 97 days

I'm proud to say we've been able to sell over a thousand copies of a single fantasy novel in just 97 days. Some of our other titles have sold as well or better, but that is by far the fastest that one has flown off the virtual shelves for us.

The title is I Know Not and is written by James Daniel Ross.

The author talks about it here:

Note: The thousand copies just counts Kindle ebook sales. I haven't tallied totals from other vendors or the print version.

Being a bastard is sometimes a survival trait.

I am not a bad man. Well, I must be honest with myself: I don't try to be a bad man. It just seems to... happen.

I woke up in a castle populated by corpses. Devoid of past or present, bereft of even a name, so I must be honest with myself.

I discovered I am a wizard with a blade, silent as the wind, and as deadly as a forest fire. When other men look and see safety, I can feel the ambush coming. When others see only smiles, I can smell the hidden plots and secreted knives. When others only see walls and guards, I can find a highway to the heart of the most imposing castle. I wish I knew what all these things mean, but I must be honest with myself and say I know not.

I must be honest because I am a fantastic liar. If I begin lying to myself I will not be able to survive. And I intend to survive.

A virtuoso in the symphonies of death, follow Fox Crow as he begins a journey of self discovery begun in an abattoir, that continues through forbidding lands and the courts of the highest born, and culminates in the coldest darkness filled with temptation and murder.

The first fantasy novel of award winning author, James Daniel Ross, I Know Not is a hard hitting, gritty, adventure. Welcome to a world with far more shadows than sunshine. Walk the forest paths where the faeries eat human flesh. Explore a world where the heroes may wear black.


Well work is almost over for the night. And then I'm off to see Stevie Nicks in concert at the PNC Bank Art Center. Looking forward to it.

Sad thing is that I never got around to getting her latest album, so I don't know what any of the new music will be like. In some ways that may be good.